Welocome to Take Me - Live Stream


“Ang-Pao, Special Gifts” Show girls how rich you are!
Very simple, Just tap on “Ang-Pao” and select the number of coupons. 
Then, tap on “Ang-Pao Giveaway” button.

“Ang-Pao Giveaway” is only available in the live room and the locked live room by tapping on “Gift” button.

After tapping on “Gift” button, Ang-Pao will appear as shown in the photo.

Afterwards, Select the number of Ang-Pao giveaway.
Select the duration of Ang-Pao giveaway: Claim now or claim after 10 seconds.
“Record” button: Display details of “Ang-Pao Giveaway” / “Received Ang-Pao” / ”Refunded Ang-Pao.”

After “Ang-Pao Giveaway”, Ang-Pao will pop up at the top left corner.
Claim now: Able to claim Ang-Pao immediately.
Claim after 10 seconds: The countdown timer will pop up. Able to claim Ang-Pao afterwards.

After tapping on Ang-Pao, Open Ang-Pao to claim reward as shown in the photo.
“Test Luck” : Display details of User who opens Ang-Pao and earns reward.

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