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How to play Slot777
How to play Slot777

Slots777, the newest Slot Machine game.
Simply playing by getting items in 3 wheels
consecutively can earn rewards.
The game also included multiplier rate
of reward received up to x20!!!
Spin and get rich within a blink!

How to play

1. Select the amount of betting by 5 prices
which are 500 , 1,000 , 5,000 , 10,000 , 15,000

2. Select the number of times or the multiplier.
The maximum is 3 times (or tap the maximum times.)

3. To spin the Slot by tapping Spin button.

4. In case of automatic spin,
tap and hold Spin button and select your desired amount.

5. Example of reward draw

6. Setting button in game

6.1 Quit button

6.2 On/Off sound in game

6.3 On/ Off music in game

6.4 Record button

6.5 Speed button

7. Reward rate button

7.1 Rate of multiplier reward

8. Quit button

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