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Top-up Promotion, Win Up To 10% Bonus!
Top-up Promotion, Win Up To 10% Bonus!

Promotion duration
September 16th, 2020 (18:00) – September 20th, 2020 (23:00)

Promotion Details
➤ Top up every 30,000 Coupons,
receive 1 chance to win coupon bonus.

➤ Receive chance for wining bonus from each
top-up amount only, not cumulative top-up amount.
For example, Top up 100,000 Coupons.
You’ll receive 3 chances for winning bonus.
If you top up more 20,000 Coupons,
you’ll receive coupons in the normal rate
and will not receive the chance for winning bonus.

➤ Able to top up through Epay, QR Payment,@epay,
Wannapa MARK.II, Winner Store and credit card.
for participating this promotion.

➤ Unlimited number of the top-up
transactions for this promotion.

➤ After topping up successfully, User must claim
coupon bonus at here.

Coupon Bonus Reward
Random 0 - 10% coupon bonus.
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