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“Debit” Easy money withdrawal within 24hours
“Debit” Easy money withdrawal within 24hours

Debit VJ
VJs who has already signed the money reciept will be able
to withdraw their advanced salary within 24hrs.

1. VJs who need money withdrawal must have at least 2,500 baht of salary.
VJs can withdraw 80% of the salary.

2. There will be 10% of fee for the withdrawal and it will be
automatically deducted from money transaction.

3. The minimum amount of the withdrawal is 2,000 baht.
This is not including with guaranteed salary.

4. The process is available at 09.00 – 16.00 GMT7+ (Mon-Fri)
and the process will be committed within 24hrs. (Only Working Days)

5. Staffs will decide and announce again in case of VJs who do against
the rule but need the withdrawal.

Process Example
- VJs has 15,000 baht from the current salary.

- Withdrawable balance = 80% from 15,000 = 12,000 Baht

- If VJ withdraws 12,000 Baht, the system will automatically
deduct 10% (1,200 Baht) and transfer 10,800 baht to VJ

- 12,000 baht of the withdrawal balance will be
deducted from salary in the bill cycle.

Process Example
1. Login to the TakeMe website.
2. Click in Profile
3. Choose “Debit System
4. Complete the withdrawal details
5. Wait for the transfer in 24hrs.
6. Please send the money slip or any proof to
the staffs after receiving for another withdrawal.

*Only Available for Thai VJs*
- For more information,
problem report or event rewards
Please contact LINE: @takemeclub
Or Facebook: @TakeMeFanclub
Winnine Pacific Pty Ltd ,NSW Australia