Welocome to Take Me - Live Stream

Happy Birthday VJ “BIRTHDAY GIFT”
Happy Birthday VJ “BIRTHDAY GIFT”

Event Details

➤ VJ who turns one year old can only contact the team
to be rewarded with birthday gift.
➤ Please contact the team via LINE: @takemeclub / Fb: @TakeMeFanClub.
➤ Live Broadcasting duration for be rewarded only
between 20.00 - 23.59 pm GMT+7.
➤ The team will enter the live session for randomize the bonus rain 10,000 Coupon,
total of 3 times.
➤ Applies only to VJs who turn one and it also matches the date of birth according
to the Identity Card / Passport.
➤ Unable to be rewarded after the event has ended.
➤ For more information, please contact us via:
LINE: @takemeclub / Fb: @TakeMeFanClub
➤ We reserve the right to change any details without prior notice.
➤ The staff’s decision is the final decision.
Winnine Pacific Pty Ltd ,NSW Australia