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How to visit the lockroom in TakeMe.
How to visit the lockroom in TakeMe.

  Now the lockroom function for TakeMe Live broadcast is available. It will be completely different from the usual.

Lockroom function is a function that users pay with coupons per minute, according to the number VJ has set before VJ locked the room.

The difference is that in the lock room, users will be able to see VJ performing more explicitly than usual, Exciting !. Join us for how to access it.


1. Watch out for lock room symbol as shown in the picture, please also prepare coupons to unlock the room as well. How to top up coupons you can check it out "here".


2. After you have locked the room up, a pop-up message will appear showing V coupons / Minutes that VJ has set for the room.

3. If coupons are filled and ready, Press "Confirm" to visit VJ's room.


4. Here's how much time you have spent in the room.

5. If users happened to have exited the room and have not visited clearly by the minutes spent.

User will be able to visit the room again without spending more of the coupons until you have clearly used the old coupons / minutes you have left.

But if you check more than what you had left, you will spend more.

    Here is our new lock room feature. Please try and test it now in TakeMe application.

For more information, Please contact us at: LINE: @takemeclub / Fb: @TakeMeFanClub

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